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Daniëlle van Iperen-Roepers



Daniëlle van Iperen Roepers has worked at the Ellens & Lentze notary firm since 2003. After graduating in notary law at Leiden university, she took up work in several notary firms in The Hague for over 6 years. A typical day for her consists of making and reviewing deeds, communicating with clients, giving advice, answering questions. She also has daily leadership responsibilities at the office. One day a week, deeds are approved or refused. Daniëlle mostly works on family and human rights cases. The low threshold, the diversity of clients, the lively work team and a personal approach to each case make for a very pleasant job for her at Ellens & Lentze. In her spare time, she likes to go out and enjoy life with her husband and kids.

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