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Social Involvement

Life is more than work, of course. Our practice is fully involved in society, and we not only gladly take part in projects that are close at hand, but also in ones that are further afield.
We support Stichting Weeshuis Sri Lanka, for instance, a foundation for orphaned children established by Marja van Leeuwen after the Tsunami in 2004. Marja van Leeuwen was personally involved with Sri Lanka, saw the distress on television and took action straightaway. She was one of the first who got on a plane with medication and other aid. The foundation grew into a huge network of volunteers, and all proceeds are immediately reinvested in the project. Its transparent reporting meant the foundation took 12th place in the top 40 for the Transparant Prijs, category fund-raising charity organisations. To give these children a better future, Ellens & Lentze donates its services to this foundation free of charge.
For more information about the foundation, please visit www.weeshuissrilanka.nl.
We also support ICS (International Child Support, formerly known as Internationaal Christelijk Steunfonds). This organisation is dedicated to providing a safe everyday environment for children, especially to vulnerable children in the rural areas of Asia and Africa. Their objective is to give children the chance to develop strong personalities, to give them the strength to escape from poverty
(for more information, see www.icsfonds.nl).
Closer to home, for the past few years we have enjoyed sponsoring the local hockey club Groengeel (www.groengeel.nl), tennis club Thor de Bataaf and football club ADO Den Haag.