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Private Law and Family Law

Private law and family law include all matters in your private life that you want to have properly organised, both for yourself and the members of your family. This could be, for instance, a will, a cohabitation contract, a pre-nuptial or pre-cohabitation agreement, drawing up a declaration of right of inheritance, administrating inheritances, divorce, estate planning, and gifts and donations. These matters cannot be left to just anyone. Someone who listens, a private interview, and solid advice form the basis of our services in this area. Together, we will draw up these very personal documents exactly the way you want them.

Real Estate

A house is most likely to be one of the largest and most expensive purchases in your life. No matter how you live your life, your house will always be your home. So it is essential to arrange everything in meticulous detail. From drawing up the sale agreement to the exchange of contract, from changing your mortgage to arranging the ground lease: we will be glad to help you. Of course, you can also contact us for advice about the Owner’s Society (Vereniging van Eigenaars, VvE) or the sale of your house.
A mediator is someone who is asked to help when you are not able to sort things out together. It may concern a divorce, but also inheritance conflicts, for instance. In any situation where there are several opposing parties, the notary can take on the role of intermediary/mediator.

There is, however, one very important condition where mediation is concerned:both parties must agree to collaborate to avoid a court case.We will always work independently and impartially and will try to find factors that connect both parties. Often there are more of these than everyone initially thought. It goes without saying that what is discussed amongst us will remain fully confidential..


Houses are sometimes sold by auction. In most cases this will be a forced sale, for instance because the owner cannot pay the mortgage. This is hardly a pleasant situation, and this is why we will always try to prevent an auction if possible and do our utmost to find a different solution. If it does reach this point, however, we will provide support during the auction and deal with the administration of deeds and other paperwork. You can also ask Ellens & Lentze to help you with the purchase of a house that is being sold at auction. We are happy to provide details about the way this type of auction works, whether you are buying or selling.