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Foundation Law

If you want to establish a foundation or society, then visiting your notary is an excellent first step. First of all, we can give you information about the choice of either foundation (a “stichting”) or society (a “vereniging”). A foundation, for example, does not have members, but a society does. Foundations are often established for non-commercial purposes, while a society can have a wide range of objectives. We will also be able to help you formulate the purpose of your foundation or society (this needs to be done quite carefully!), draw up or change articles, register in the register of business names of the Chamber of Commerce and determine the entitlement to rights of the foundation or society.

Corporate and Company Law

Corporate and company law includes all matters to do with running a business. As entrepreneur, however, it will be impossible to view your private and business life separately, which means matters must be organised properly. Consider, for instance, matters such as a will or a pre-nuptial agreement. The fact that if something happened to your business your partner or family could suffer doesn’t bear thinking about. We can give you advice about the following: establishing a limited company (Besloten Vennootschap, BV), a firm (Vennootschap onder Firma, VOF), a limited partnership (Commanditaire Vennootschap, CV) and a civil law partnership (maatschap), the conversion of a firm and civil law partnership to a public partnership (Openbare Vennootschap, OV), reorganisation of the partnership structure, transfer of shares and business transfer and, of course, private and family law.


Important documents sometimes need legalisation or an apostille from a notary, confirming the authenticity of the signature on the document, or the authenticity of the document itself. Ellens & Lentze provides a special service for this particular purpose, including a specific business service. We will take on any activities with regard to the organisation of necessary legalisations and apostilles for courts, ministries, embassies or consulates.


Houses or business premises are sometimes sold by auction. This is hardly a pleasant situation, and this is why we will always try to prevent an auction if possible and do our utmost to find a different solution. If it does reach this point, however, we will provide support during the auction and deal with the administration of deeds and other paperwork. You can also ask Ellens & Lentze to help you with the purchase
of a house or business premises that is being sold at auction. We are happy to provide details about the way this type of auction works, whether you are buying or selling.