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Welcome to Ellens & Lentze Notaries

It is highly unlikely that a visit to a notary happens on a daily basis: it will usually be linked to a major event in your life such as buying a home or getting married. If you have a business, you may be setting up a foundation or transferring shares. Sometimes the reasons may be of a more serious nature: you may need a mediator or need to administrate an inheritance.

“On average, our clients give our services 8.5 marks out of 10!”

No matter the reason for your visit, you will want a notary you feel comfortable with. You will be looking for a practice that suits you, with people who are dedicated to the business and who have a thorough understanding of your affairs.
You will find that Ellens & Lentze, situated in a historic building in the heart of The Hague, are exactly the people you are looking for. Our practice has an approachable attitude, and we always make sure we explain things in clear language. After all, notarial deeds are not always easy to understand. Our team is made up out of young people who will try their utmost to get to know you and will always put 100% effort into their job.

If you wish, we can visit you at your own premises instead. We have a personal, professional and transparent approach. On Tuesdays we are open until 8pm by appointment.

You can contact us for services regarding private law, family law, real estate, corporate and company law, society and foundation law, legalisation, mediation, and auctions. Ellens & Lentze are also specialised in services for expats.
Please visit our site to find out if our approach suits you, and do not hesitate to make an appointment. The first interview is always free and without obligation.